“O ye who believe! Spend out of what We have bestowed on you before the day comes wherein there shall be no buying and selling, nor friendship, nor intercession, and it is those who disbelieve that do wrong to themselves (Al-Baqrah 2:255)


“Take note of the fact that there is not a single Movement in the world which can run without subscription. The subscription was collected during the periods of the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him), Hazrat Musa (may peace be upon him) and Hazrat Isa (may peace be on him) and all other Messengers. Therefore, it is essential for members of my Jama’at to be watchful of this obligation.” (The Promised Messiah)

Ansar Chanda Guidelines


Chanda should be calculated on actual income after deducting taxes and mandatory insurance.  Rate for earning members:

  • Ansār Chanda (Membership): 1% of net income, paid monthly.
  • Ijtimā: 3% of net monthly income, paid once a year
  • Publications: €2.50 per year
  • Rule of Thumb: for every €1,000 in net monthly income, €10 Ansār Chanda monthly (€120 annually)

Sample Chanda:

Monthly Net Income Chanda Breakdown (monthly)
€1,000 €12.50 Membership: €10; Ijtima: €2.50
€2,000 €25.00 Membership €20; Ijtima €5.00
€3,000 €37.50 Membership €30; Ijtima €7.50
€4,000 €50.00 Membership €40; Ijtima €10.00